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I can't access the subj but need to know what it covers. More about the subj:

  1. Smith's Patient-Centered Interviewing 4e - Google Search
  2. ISBN-13: 978-1259644627 - Google Search
  3. ISBN-10: 1259644626 - Google Search

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Best glternative

I have accessed the subj and suggest great glternative coverage:

  1. biomedical model limitations - Google Search
  2. engel biopsychosocial model 1977 - Google Search
  3. general system theory - Google Search
  4. disease illness difference - Google Search
  5. "disease without illness" - Google Search
  6. "illness without disease" - Google Search
  7. illness experiences - Google Search
  8. cure heal difference - Google Search
  9. "medical interviewing" - Google Search
  10. "most frequently performed medical procedure" - Google Search
  11. what skill most important physician - Google Search
  12. "11 step" evidence based medical interviewing - Google Search
  13. "evidence based interviewing method" - Google Search
  14. "Step 1: Set the stage for the interview" - Google Search
  15. "Step 6: Complete a chronological description of HPI/OAP" - Google Search
  16. "Step 7: Past medical history" - Google Search
  17. "Step 8: Social history" - Google Search
  18. "Step 9: Family history" - Google Search
  19. "Step 10: Review of systems (Physical examination)" - Google Search
  20. "Step 11: End of the interview" - Google Search
  21. "clinician-centered" interview OR approach - Google Search
  22. "patient-centered" interview OR approach - Google Search
  23. "relationship-centered care" - Google Search
  24. integrated medical interview - Google Search
  25. healthcare seeking behavior - Google Search
  26. "Listen to the patient, he is telling you the diagnosis." - Google Search
  27. patient catharsis storytelling OR narrative OR therapeutic - Google Search
  28. doctors can't fix social problems - Google Search
  29. patient fears - Google Search
  30. physician empathy OR compassion - Google Search
  31. "patient interview" urgent OR immediate - Google Search
  32. patient led clinical interview - Google Search
  33. patient centered interview beginning OR start - Google Search
  34. question answer trap - Google Search
  35. cc hpi oap pmh sh fh ros - Google Search
  36. three functions "medical interview" - Google Search
  37. doccom - Google Search
  38. Lo B. Resolving Ethical Dilemmas: A Guide for Clinicians. 3rd ed. Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins; 2005. - Google Search
  39. Feinstein AR. The intellectual crisis in clinical science: medaled models and muddled mettle. Perspect Bioi Med. 1987;30:215-230. - Google Search
  40. Schwartz MA, Wiggins O. Science, humanism, and the nature of medical practice: a phenomenological view. Perspect Bioi Med. 1985;28:331-361. - Google Search
  41. Engel GL. The need for a new medical model: a challenge for biomedicine. Science. 1977;196:129-136. - Google Search
  42. Engel GL. The clinical application of the biopsychosocial model. Am J Psychiatry. 1980;137:535-544. - Google Search
  43. Capra F, Luisi P. The Systems View of Life-A Unifying Vision. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press; 2014. - Google Search
  44. von Bertalanffy L. General System Theory: Foundations, Development, Application, Revised. New York, NY: George Braziller; 1968. - Google Search
  45. Smith R, Fortin AH, Dwamena F, Frankel R. An evidence-based patient-centered method makes the biopsychosocial model scientific. Patient Educ Couns. 2013;90:265270. - Google Search
  46. Kleinman A, Eisenberg L, Good B. Culture, illness, and care: clinical lessons from anthropological and cross-cultural research. Ann Intern Med. 1978;88:251. - Google Search
  47. Levenstein JH, Brown JB, Weston WW. Patient centered clinical interviewing. In: Stewart M, Rater D, eds. Communicating with Medical Patients. London: Sage Publications; 1989:107-120. - Google Search
  48. Levenstein JH, McCracken EC, McWhinney IR, Stewart MA, Brown JB. The patient-centered clinical method. 1. A model for the doctor-patient interaction in family medicine. J Pam Pract. 1986;3:24-30. - Google Search
  49. McWhinney I. An Introduction to Family Medicine. New York, NY: Oxford University Press; 1981. - Google Search
  50. McWhinney I. The need for a transformed clinical method. In: Stewart M, Rater D, eds. Communicating with Medical Patients. London: Sage Publications; 1989:25-42. - Google Search
  51. Rogers CR. Client-Centered Therapy. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin Company; 1951. - Google Search
  52. Inui TS. What are the sciences of relationship-centered primary care. J Fam Pract. 1996;42(2): 171-177. - Google Search
  53. Tresolini CP, Pew-Fetzer Task F. Health Professions Education and Relationship-Centered Care. San Francisco, CA: Pew Health Professions Commission; 1994:72. - Google Search
  54. Watzlawick P, Bavelas JB, Jackson DD. Pragmatics of Human Communication: A Study of Interactional Patterns, Pathologies, and Paradoxes. New York, NY: WW Norton & Company; 1967:294. - Google Search
  55. Marvel MK, Epstein RM, Flowers K, Beckman HB. Soliciting the patient's agenda: have we improved? JAMA. 1999;281(3):283-287. - Google Search
  56. Heritage J, Robinson JD, Elliott MN, Beckett M, Wilkes M. Reducing patients' unmet concerns in primary care: the difference one word can make. J Gen Intern Med. 2007;22(10):1429-1433. - Google Search
  57. Kaplan SH, Gandek B, Greenfield S, Rogers W. Ware JE. Patient and visit characteristics related to physicians' participatory decision-making style. Results from the Medical Outcomes Study. Med Care. 1995;33(12):1176-1187. - Google Search
  58. Miller WR, Rollnick S. Motivational Interviewing: Preparing People for Change. New York, NY: Guilford Press; 2002:55-56, 73. - Google Search
  59. Bird J, Cohen-Cole SA. The three-function model of the medical interview: an educational device. In: Hale M, ed. Models of Teaching Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry. Basel: Karger; 1991:65-88. - Google Search
  60. Cohen-Cole SA, Bird J. Interviewing the cardiac patient: II. A practical guide for helping patients cope with their emotions. Qual Life Cardiovascular Care. 1986;3:53-65. - Google Search
  61. Lazare A, Putnam S, Lipkin M. Three functions of the medical interview. In: Lipkin M, Putnam S, Lazare A, eds. The Medical Interview. New York, NY: Springer-Verlag; 1995;3-19. - Google Search
  62. Module 1: Overview. In: DocCom - Google Search
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