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I can't access the subj but need to know what it covers. More about the subj:

  1. https://www.usmle.org/pdfs/usmlecontentoutline.pdf - Google Search

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I have accessed the subj and suggest great glternative coverage:

  1. Gene expression - Google Search
  2. DNA structure - Google Search
  3. DNA replication - Google Search
  4. DNA exchange - Google Search
  5. epigenetics - Google Search
  6. epigenetics imprinting - Google Search
  7. epigenetics X-activation - Google Search
  8. DNA methylation - Google Search
  9. Gene expression - Google Search
  10. Gene transcription - Google Search
  11. Gene translation - Google Search
  12. Gene post-translational processing - Google Search
  13. Gene post-translational modifications - Google Search
  14. disposition of proteins - Google Search
  15. degradation of proteins - Google Search
  16. protein synthesis - Google Search
  17. glycoprotein synthesis - Google Search
  18. protein intra-extracellular sorting - Google Search
  19. glycoprotein intra-extracellular sorting - Google Search
  20. processes Golgi complex - Google Search
  21. functions Golgi complex - Google Search
  22. processes rough endoplasmic reticulum - Google Search
  23. functions rough endoplasmic reticulum - Google Search
  24. Structure of proteins - Google Search
  25. function of proteins - Google Search
  26. Structure of enzymes - Google Search
  27. function of enzymes - Google Search
  28. enzyme kinetics - Google Search
  29. structural proteins - Google Search
  30. regulatory proteins - Google Search
  31. Energy metabolism - Google Search
  32. Energy metabolism ATP generation - Google Search
  33. Energy metabolism transport chain - Google Search
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