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I can't access the subj but need to know what it covers. More about the subj:

  1. Smith's Patient-Centered Interviewing 4e - Google Search
  2. ISBN-13: 978-1259644627 - Google Search
  3. ISBN-10: 1259644626 - Google Search
From: Ch 7 - Adapting the Interview to Different Situations and Other Practical Issues

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I have accessed the subj and suggest great glternative coverage:

  1. Limited English proficient patients - Google Search
  2. Ferguson WJ, Candib LM. Culture, language, and the doctor-patient relationship. Fam Med. 2002;34(5):353-361. - Google Search
  3. "Title VI" "Civil Rights Act" 1964 interpreter Medicare OR Medicaid - Google Search
  4. National Council on Interpreting in Health Care - Google Search
  5. remote medical interpreters - Google Search
  6. "video or telephone interpreters are usually accessible, even at remote sites, and are much preferable to ad hoc interpretation by a family member or untrained staffer" - Google Search
  7. healthcare family member as an interpreter confidentiality issues - Google Search
  8. Guidelines on Using Interpreters healthcare - Google Search
  9. "Ask for exact translation" - Google Search
  10. "The interpreter should sit slightly behind and next to the patient" - Google Search
  11. "making good eye contact with the patient" - Google Search
  12. "Speak in shorter, simpler sentences" - Google Search
  13. "Write down key points, instructions" - Google Search
  14. "ask interpreter to transcribe for patient" - Google Search
  15. "Check for comprehension by asking patient to summarize" - Google Search
  16. acknowledge "It may be harder for us to get to know each other, but I want you to know I'm going to work on it." - Google Search
  17. "professional interpreters translate every word spoken in the examination room" - Google Search
  18. "interview will take at least twice as long" - Google Search
  19. "have bilingual family members complete the patient's medical history in writing" - Google Search
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⚠️ Did not capture every single detail, but IMO, I’ve captured close enough. Also did not copy Table & References verbatim.

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